Summer Breakfast Smoothie

Who doesn’t love smoothies! In the summer they are a great way to have cool treat that is slightly better for you than popsicles.
My family has always made pretty simple smoothies: frozen fruit, half a frozen banana, and apple juice. These are tasty smoothies, but they are also basically giant sugar bombs, with a little vitamin C. So, I’ve been working to improve that basic formula, while still keeping to the basic premise of easy and fruity-tasty.
This recipe came about while looking for a good post-work-out snack, with a good balance of protein and carbs. I like it so much I’ve had it for breakfast a couple times too.
Now, smoothies are really an art more than a formula. You take what you like, add in a little of something else, with enough liquid to make it blendable. Some people like super thick, spoonable smoothies, some people like thin, drinkable ones. I highly recommend playing with this basic recipe to get an idea for what you like best too.

Creamy Almond Berry Smoothie
a little less than one cup frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all work, or a medley)
2 big fat spoonfuls of greek yogurt
1 big spoonful of creamy almond butter
about 1 cup milk or soy milk
Optional: bananas, honey (if you use unsweetened yogurt or soy milk especially), toasted flax seeds

Place all the ingredients in a blender and puree at high power until desired consistency.
This makes one big or two small smoothies. All told, it probably has around 300 calories, with about 20g of protein. It is a pretty substantial little meal in that regard, but delicious and filling too.
Let me know what variations you come up with too.

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