Crooked Timber on Wikipedia

John Quiggin, Crooked Timber blogger and some-time Wikipedian, has a good post about Wikipedia and its upcoming milestone (millstone?) of 2,000,000 articles, “Wikipedia at 2 million“.

It’s followed by a lively discussion: 124 comments and counting. Well worth the price of admission, with plenty of crotchety knowledge workers pouring in from a link at the Chronicle of Higher Education blog about blogs, Footnoted.

Update: see comment #125.

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Sage Ross goes by ragesoss on Wikipedia and elsewhere

One thought on “Crooked Timber on Wikipedia”

  1. Well, it was an interesting exchange, until two individuals appeared to recite their laundry list of attacks on Wikipedia. I guess any conversation about Wikipedia is over when a certain person’s name (allegedly the Sydney Bristow of Wikipedia) is mentioned.


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