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I’m taking the free Stanford Human-Computer Interaction course, and I thought I’d post the storyboards from the second assignment. We started with “point of view” that expresses a problem and an approach to solving it, then on to storyboards and design mockups. Mine:

In order to change the way we buy and consume things, user-generated reviews — and the systems for creating and using them — need to be free-as-in-freedom, controlled by the communities that make and use them (not by big corporations for their own ends).

My first storyboard: a free culture review site, from the perspective of someone like me
The second storyboard: A little bit of a broader perspective, on how I imagine a free culture review site could help small businesses

You can also see my mockups for two different user interfaces for this idea:

We’ll see if I can get through the later assignments and put together a functional prototype. Anyone want to help me do this for real?


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  1. Hello!

    This looks great. I am looking at samples on how to do a storyboard I have to do.. I am having a lot of difficulties as I am not sure whether I should start with the start up of the business or simply focus on the customers side..

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