Faith and I are still trying to work out our living situation next year. She enrolled in her UConn classes yesterday, and while we were in Storrs and Hartford, we decided that Storrs might be a better place for us to live next year, so that I would commute the full 60+ miles in the car, instead of me going from bus to train to bus to get to school from Hartford and Faith her driving. Then we’ll just move to Farmington next year when she enters medical school. I’m impressed with the Storrs campus, although apparently they have just had a recent spurt of heavy building and increased enrollment, but don’t have enough professors to teach all their courses. As you can see, Storrs and Uconn are pretty well co-extensive; this is all the university, and there’s nothing else but intermittent residences for miles.

Meanwhile, I got a job today. For this week and the next two weeks, I’ll be working in Manuscripts & Archives. The people are really friendly, and of course I already know some of them from doing research there.

I also got Daggerfall running with DOSBox… it’s really amazing how open source freeware can be vastly better than professionally developed programs. The DOS compatibility mode in windows XP is pretty poor, but DOSBox can pretty much do anything from the DOS era. Even DOS computers weren’t that backwards compatible; about three years was the farthest apart you could expect games and computers to be compatible.

[If you came here looking for how to run Daggerfall, here are the autoexec lines I use in the dosbox.conf file:

mount c c:\oldies -freesize 1000
mount d d:\ -t cdrom

Then I use the “no CD hack”: after doing the max install, I manually copy everything from the ARENA2 folder on the CD to the one in the install directory, to make sure it has everything on the CD. Then I change the “z.cfg” file so that the cdpath is the same as the other path, and run the game with the command “fall.exe z.cfg”.]

Reading: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Eye in the Sky, The Game-Players of Titan

Listening: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Watching: The Pacifier, Kinsey