I found something else that I didn’t save from the computer disaster: I had commented on (pretty much line-edited) my friend and fellow historian Brenda’s whole long paper on the history of nursing at Yale, which we were going to discuss with Naomi Rogers (along with my own paper for her class). I thought I had saved the two or three files that were on the desktop that I hadn’t previously backed up, but alas, it’s nowhere to be found. Oh well.

I started a new project this week. Now, in addition to being in the middle of about 5 books, trying to study for German, working 2 jobs (kind of… they’re both at Manuscripts and Archives), trying to grow a bonzai (which I’ve named Faith… if it dies I’ll find a Faith II), and preparing to move in less than 2 weeks (along with the usual assortment of video games and ebay scouring), I’m learning how to program. Specifically, I’m learning Python, which is apparently a common language for open source projects. My goal is to be able to contribute something to open source recreation of Darklands. I’m going to try to program the character creation part (which is remarkably complicated, unfortunately).

We found the whole last season of Alias through the P2P program Shareaza, and it was good enough resolution that it looked like real HD when we hooked it up to the TV. I’m not really into it (although Jennifer Garner is fun to look at), but I do like how the main overarching plot is sort of (fictional) history of science themed.

Reading: The Man Who Flattened the Earth, Darwinian Heresies

Listening: Weakerthans, Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, Ruby 1

Watching: bits of Seinfeld