We’ve started packing, and we checked out our new apartment today. It’s not the tree-shaded one we hoped, but it looks pretty good… they were working on it, so we didn’t go in. The drive seemed shorter now that I’ve done it a few times and don’t have to think about it as much. Meanwhile, we’ve been entertaining ourselves with the first 4 episodes of 24, season 4. Unfortunately, no more have downloaded so far.

We just finished watching Flatliners (for free on-demand), which I don’t think I had ever seen all the way through. It’s a somewhat better and much creepier movie than I thought it was. It’s not deep, but it pretends to be hard enough to make it scary and engrossing.

I’m not looking forward to changing all my registration information for the move.

Reading: The Planets, The Man Who Flattened the Earth

Watching: The Transporter, 24 Season 4, Flatliners

Listening: The Weakerthans