Back to the barter system

About two weeks ago I found a sweet site, Game Trading Zone. Basically, you list the video games, movies and CD’s that you want to get rid of, as well as ones you’d like to have, and then you can arrange trades with other users. It’s a pretty good system; in addition to automatically finding matches with other traders, you can browse through what you might be able to get for your stuff, or what you might need to trade for something you want.

I completed my first trade this week, and got a nearly mint condition copy of Darklands, with both the original 5 1/4″ floppies and a CD as well as all the documentation. Incidently, I was also given an authorized reproduction of the somewhat hard to find Clue Book for that game along with another CD of it, courtesy one of the people on the Yahoo Darklands group; someone else had bought it a while ago but never followed up, so the guy sent it to me for free. So now I have three legitimate copies of Darklands, when I had been running a downloaded version for so long. But out of respect for the awesomeness of the game, I had been trying to get ahold of a legit copy for a while (mostly on eBay). All of a sudden, 3 copies for the cost of mailing a DVD (and trading a DVD I was going to give away anyway).