5 thoughts on ““Where do people find the time?” for Wikipedia”

  1. Sage Ross, how would you behave if someone said you gave misleading information to journalists, refused to provide the evidence for their claim, then when you responded with a humorous sight gag, they questioned your commitment to being a good mother?

    Label me a troll all you want, but if you fail to take the time to discover what led up to this trollish behavior, that’s a failure on your part.

  2. Mr. Kohs, since when is being mistreated a valid reason to mistreat others?

    I see trollish behavior on wiki (and elsewhere) all the time. Whether any instance of it is provoked or not is pretty much irrelevant to the effect it has on the community.

    As others have noted, you would been unbanned on Wikipedia a long time ago if you had just made the attempt to play nice. Instead, your actions on the Wikimedia projects and elsewhere only show continued malice toward the projects and their communities. The result is a lot more collateral damage to people who have done you no wrong than righteous retribution against people with whom you actually have a specific grievance.

  3. And we have yet another blind failure to see who is really not “playing nice” on Wikipedia.

    Check out Durova’s interaction with “nice user” User:!!. (Note, her plan was hatched on a secret/private “members only” mailing list hosted on a Wikia, Inc. server — if that even bothers you.)

    Check out Durova’s interaction with “nice user” Timothy Hill.

    Then get back to me.

    Also, I’d be interested to hear of the many cases where I have caused “a lot more collateral damage to people who have done you no wrong”. Durova forced someone out of their JOB, for editing Wikipedia in a way she didn’t approve. Please spare me this notion that I’m the one sowing “collateral damage”.

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