Obviously, I’ve made some changes to the blog (now blogs). I hope that in the future my academic blog, at least, will be worth reading for people who don’t know me and who will be uninterested in the other stuff. And Faith gets exasperated with all my nerdy ramblings when she reads my blog. Plus, I convinced her to start a blog. So this way, everyone is happy, except people who wanted to hang on every word I type regardless of subject; they will now have to do some clicking to find everything.

Aside from the obvious, I also signed up for a website traffic statistics, which seemed like the best, least invasive one availabe: StatCounter. I was always jealous of how Matt could learn so much about people just from the log of visiters on his site (like the interesting things people search for involving Ole Molvig, since Matt’s site was the first Google result for Ole’s name for a while). It’s quite impressive how much information you can track… already today, someone other than me has looked at my blog. And I even know that their host-name, which seems to indicate that they were in HGS 242 (I believe that is the HSHM program office, but the History Common room is right next door and they might share an IP); I suspect it was Brendan, since he’s one of the few people I’ve told about the site (and if Matt has found it through his site traffic reports, he would probably access it from his room). That’s scary, that I have much detail with very little effort! Makes me think I should disable cookies.