Kindle screensavers: Karl Blossfeldt

Inspired by Parker Higgins’s set of Kindle screensavers, I’ve put together one of my own featuring the botanical photographs of Karl Blossfeldt. It has 17 images so far, most of which I scanned from the set of 10 double-sided Blossfeldt prints I won recently on eBay.

Download the full set (zip file, 1.6 MB)

Having a set of screensavers that suits your taste definitely makes the Kindle experience a fair bit better.¬† If you like these, let me know; I’ll add more whenever I find more suitable Blossfeldt images.¬† (I stuck to vertically-oriented prints with light backgrounds that could be burned to white, since mottled gray backgrounds¬† tend to look posterized on the Kindle.)

188 thoughts on “Kindle screensavers: Karl Blossfeldt”

  1. Thank you! Blossfeldt’s work is timeless. Nice to have these- makes me want to scan the book for more…

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